Friday, November 15, 2013

U-n-I-que Pet Beds --->>

My six rescues….

Jo, Sammy, Jaz and Mikkie

 Fay and Geo     

       Have had more than that… My Draco, my Gizmo and our Max.  If my house was bigger… we'd have more because I know our hearts hold the love for them.  We just try to do what we can for the needy… hope you do the same.  

Shelter To Home is a fantastic place - Thanks 4 looking!!

     So some of what I do with pet beds won't fit most of my furfamily,  but I like making them.  OMG,  most cats will fit themselves into ANY square, round, or rectangular "area"... just check out Pinterest - it's true.  And, Fay, my oldest dog at 3 years, can bundle herself into the to smallest of furballs… still couldn't fit into this T.V.
Go Green Go White

BUT.... if I left it out to be explored ?? 
My cats would divide and conquer them !! 
We added two others...

U of M Dreamland...

Red Puter Wing !!!

The left one has been donated to STH

Another bed made from a drawer…was sold at STH fundraiser.

      We are always looking for new ways to accomodate our furfamily.... so keep checking back to see what we have done most recently.

     We also have PVC beds of different sizes available for order... they are elevated 4" off the floor/ground and our animals love them, cats and dogs alike. (NOTE* not a hammock.)  Inquire if interested... 

These are square to rectangular in shape and help keep your pet comfortable because they are not laying on a hard surface.  If yours are spoiled by sleeping on the furniture this is the perfect bed for hanging out in the backyard !!  The cloth is outdoor material so it's easy to clean and the pvc won't rust.  It is also put together with galvanized screws.  
(The feet pieces are optional and we applied a rubber silicone to stop sliding and/or marring of floors.) 

Thank you for looking !!

The Original L & D,
Lora & Dennis

Prices vary on these U-n-I-que beds.
E-mail inquiries to: