Thursday, January 9, 2014

Canine Window Protection

***LOVING THE RIDE***     
Bumpy Travels

      We all know Michigan roads are in horrendous condition, but this is not a blog post about politics, rants, or raves.  It's about my Draco being able to enjoy hanging his head out the back truck window without breaking his jaw on the thin edge of the glass window.  He wasn't a "jumper" so I didn't have to worry about him being restrained, I retracted the glass all the way down.  Better to have a three inch area consisting of half metal and half fabric than quarter inch beveled glass, right?  Just so you know, this product will not protect your vehicle from slobber.      
**see disclaimer**
     I came up with a solution… unfortunately only after my 13 year old baby left me.  But I do this in his memory and comfort in mind.  Whether it's a short trip to the neighborhood pet supply store or a road trip, this protective pad straddles the thickness of a vehicle window and adheres by suction cups to the glass to secure it during a 35 mph short jaunt or a 70 mph journey down the freeway.  It can be left intact as your window is rolled up as you make your stops.  I suggest that you always monitor the suction cups for full contact and integrity.

**I do not advocate allowing pets to roam freely in any moving vehicle.  You are responsible for your pet at all times.  Never leave your pet unattended in a parked vehicle.  And "LOCK" your power windows !!**

These are easy to place, remove and clean at all times.  

ONLY     $20    a    PAIR

     I have seen numerous cars pass me by while I was at a local sidewalk cafe with their furry furever family friend hanging their heads out… tell them about this product.
 AND it'll make your car look cute :-)

     For the lap dog in the front passenger seat with you or the big boy in the back… watch in your side mirrors as they enjoy the ride with less pain and more pleasure… don't they deserve it?

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